Long Term


Our Rates


Weekly (7 Days)

2 Weeks (14 Days)

3 Weeks (21 Days)

Monthly (30 Days)







$15 per day






$22 per day


We provide a unique service for those who are looking at using a scooter on an ongoing basis.

Want to ride to work during summer but don't want to store it when the weather isn't great?

Travel to Perth frequently for work?

Want a cheap and flexible vehicle for those times when your main ride is out of action?

Well these are just some of the reason to lease a scooter on an ongoing plan. If you book a scooter with us for a minimum of forty (40) days per calendar year, you gain access to our great ongoing rate.

As a member of Scootarama's ongoing Hire Club, we provide you with access to a scooter whenever is required, as well as the on call assistance that goes along with every scooter we hire. You also receive a replacement if your scooter reaches its service kilometers, as well as a new scooter when maximum kilometers are reached. We offer free deliver on any scooter hire period over three days or you can collect a scooter from any of our kiosk locations.