New website and an Exciting future


Welcome to the new scootarama website. This site is part of a larger expansion of scootarama so stay tuned here to find out more exciting news as it happens.

So heres what to look forward to;

We have been work diligently to get a unique kiosk hire system under way across various locations and will release all the locations as we finalise them.

We are searching for a location to once again provide extended short term hires, currently we are restricted to weekend and longer hires due to the need to deliver scooters, but hopefully we will have a convenient location to operate short term hires again.

We have also expanded our corporate hire options so business can choose from several more flexible plans.

Lastly, we have started an ongoing hire club, this means that if you want a scooter for several days or weeks during the year you can get our great long term rates.


Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you again.